Juliya Belyanevich


The Hague
Barthkapel, Brouwersgracht 2K 2512 ER
Sint Janskerk


At the frontier

The long lasting relation. Recently I started to think of the key to a successful and long-term presence of string quartet ensemble and made some notes. But first of all…

The dream came true

The dream came true. The idea to memorise String quartet No.8 by Shostakovich in some special way were growing in our mind gradually. The Eights string quartet was performed by…

Music as a means to soothe the pain and loss.

Dear Music Lovers! I have never had a chance to present myself in a proper way. It has been always about my ensemble, INGUZ-Quartet, INGUZ Artists, it is where I…

25 April Concert to be cancelled

Dear friends, customers, music lover,   Thank you very much for keeping in touch and selecting our concert and music we play, it means a lot for us. Unfortunately, the…

Announcement of the concert planning, 2-d quarter 2021

I can imagine many of you today feel not secure to get out and have the life we have used to have before the outbreak of CORONA-19, but there also…

Program 2021

2021 We are back! After winter Corona pandemic lockdown,  INGUZ Artists have returned to their vocation! We are back to perform our art and to record new albums with even more…