Beethoven’s “Harp” String Quartet No10

What makes Beethoven of who he is?

Beethoven’s String Quartet No10, known also as Harp quartet,  hypnotises and conquers from the very beginning.

String Quartet No 10 as well as the rest of composers’ later matured works is undeniably beautiful, deep in its sonority and typically Beethovens, where he managed in just a few notes to put so much dynamics and sense, that it hypnotises and conquers from the very beginning. And somewhat this String Quartet is concealed and simply overshadowed by three younger and the 5 elder string quartets. Perhaps Beethoven himself did not value this composition that much, because of the sombre memories and because of it was his first string quartet written in 1809 after 6 months of a mental pauza.

Beethoven’s 250th birthday celebration

On top of that, the way INGUZ Quartet included Beethoven’s String Quartet No10 to the program is also purely mysterious. As a matter of fact it became fist Beethoven String quartet in the repertoire of INGUZ-Quartet, it was warmed received by audience and it was offered to Audience in the year of Beethoven’s 250th birthday celebration as a tribute to art of genius.

The composition has been recorded during December 2020 at the WestVest church in the Netherlands using a Blumlein microphone setting using 2 AKG C 414 XLII microphones and an array of Neumann KM184 microphones at 4-meter height to record the tonal characteristics of the church.
Demo episode of the audio recording from the 1st movement


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