Borodin String Quartet Nr.1

Inguz Quartet in November 2020 going into another journey of Slavic music extravaganza.

Nevertheless, the composition has endless swirl of harmony and colours, so philosophical and emotional, so romantic and yes, purely Russian, String Quartet Nr.1 is overshadowed by its step later String Quartet Nr.2

One of the hardest thing of the musicians is to reproduce the music in the way it was intended by composer.

When Borodin began sketching out his 1st String Quartet in 1873, he wanted to produce something identifiably Russian rather then follow German traditions slavishly. However, still the composition takes a predominantly Classical (yes, German) form: 4 movements with Andante and Scherzo in the middle.

This time it has been planned a program with Borodin String Quartet Nr.1 – Slavic composition very little known in the Netherlands. Perhaps because it is more complex with density of ideas and the extensive use of counterpoint.

Borodin produced Russia’s first great piece of chamber music.

In 1879 the composition was completed and published with a dedication to Rimsky-Korsakov’s wife. It was well received, prompting one critic to pronounce that Borodin had produced Russia’s first great piece of chamber music.

The capture was made during the rehearsing of Borodin’s String Quartet no.1

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