The Happiness of Antonin Dvorak 'American'

Dvorak 'American' String Quartet

String Quartet ‘American’ No.12 Op.96 in F Major.

This classical music piece was written by Dvorak in his best time and best state of mind, which illustrates the excerpt of Dvorak’s letter he wrote to his friend Jindrich Geisler: ‘I have been on vacation since 3 June here in the Czech village of Spillville and I won’t be returning to New York until the latter half of September. The children arrived safely from Europe and we’re all happy together. We like it very much here and, thank God, I am working hard and I’m healthy and in good spirits.’

These days of contentment and family harmony, and the hospitality of the locals gave rise to an exceptionally joyful piece of music. The entire sketch for the quartet emerged within an astonishingly short period of time, a mere 72 hours, in fact, and the whole score was finished within twelve days. On the last page of the sketch Dvorak noted: ‘Thank God. I am pleased. It all went so quickly!’.

‘American’ or ‘Czech’?

The String Quartet in F major is known as the ‘American’, not only since it appeared on the American continent, but also for the fact that it contains a number of elements typical for original African American and Native American music.

Nevertheless, certain scholars couldn’t find practically either Negro songs nor Native American melodies in the quartet.  For more than a century, musicologists have debated on the extent to which this quartet is ‘American’ or ‘Czech’.

Dvorak himself commented on this issue: ‘I know that I would never have written my new symphony, or the String Quartet in F major, or the quintet here in Spillville, if I had never seen America!’

In his quartet Dvorak breaks certain traditional notions of the quartet form, which is sonata cycle. He deliberately abandons ideas of sophisticated thematic treatment, dramatic development sections, complex polyphonic structures, or evenly balanced ‘dialogues’ between all the instruments.

This quartet also had success on INGUZ-Quartet’s 24 November debut concert. 

Fancy to listen to it? Check it out below!

!!!!!! After the big succes of Winterklanken in 2017, this year's edition is going to be even more spectacular!!!!! 

Winterklanken 2018

The second edition of “Winterklanken” will be held in Gorinchem on the 28th of December 2018.
“I am so proud to be part of this project in Gorinchem and together with ‘Huis van Inspiratie’ to cooperate, produce and perform Winterklanken, this year’s edition is going to be even more spectacular! “
I wish a lot of success to all of the musicians participating this year and a lot of fun and pleasure to audience for 28th of December. See you all on 28 December in Gorinchem!
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Joaquim Turina 'La oration del torero' (The bullfighters' Prayer)

Have you discovered already for yourself Joaquim Turina?

Spain’s nationalist musical renaissance was over by the end of the first half of the 20th Century.

Joaquim Turina was one of the foremost composers of renaissance. Apparently, Turina’s music has enjoyed a revival very recently and became most played and recorded in professional music studios.

Some facts over Turina:

J.Turina was born in Seville (1882-1949) and studied there and in Madrid. From 1905 till 1914 he lived in Paris and studied composition with Cesar Franck’s disciple, Vincent D’Indy at the Schola Cantorum, where he learned the mysteries of the “Cyclical Form” (meaning, what you hear at the beginning, you will hear again at the end). He studied the piano under Moritz Moszkowski. In composing works he was encouraged by Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy, whose influences can be heard in Torina’s music, and, in turn, both Frenchmen wrote pieces influenced by Spanish music.

Have you listened to Turina ‘La oracion del torero’ (The Bullfighter’s Prayer)(1925)?

To listen to go to Youtube page

This composition is his most popular work and most often performed.

It is exquisite music of remarkable beauty and splandour. It is 8 minutes of a toreador battle at the bull’s arena. This is 8 minutes of the tense breathing, self-control, an eruption of temperament and finally a relief! This work represents the brightest influence of Debussy, the music language of gracefulness and tenderness.

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Donate for Winterklanken 2018

I Need your help

Dear friends,
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In 2017 the launch of “WINTERKLANKEN” in Gorinchem was such a great success that it inspired me to organize a similar project in Gouda.

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Let op! Programmawijziging 24 November 2018

Het programma van het concert in de Oud Katholieke Kerk op 24 November a.s. is ingrijpend gewijzigd. Vol trots introduceren we het Inguz Quartet van vier violisten. Kijk in de aankondiging voor meer informatie! KLIK HIER

Crowdfunding voor Winterklanken 2018

Juliya INGUZ Music organiseert het tweede Winterklanken Festival in December 2018.

Om goede artiesten aan te trekken en om andere organitorische kosten te dekken (huur van locaties, reclame, e.d.) start Juliya Belyanevich een crowdfunding actie.

Gulle donateurs krijgen uiteraard gratis toegang tot het evenement.

Meer informatie op de website: Klik HIER (engelstalig)

Video van Concert in Grote Kerk Schiedam

Op 25 augustus 2018 gaf het Inguz Duo, (Juliya Belyanevich, Francisca Simonis) samen met pianist-componist Marc van Delft een concert in de Grote Kerk in Schiedam. De aankondiging kunt u hier op de website vinden.

De uitvoering van Prokofiev’s Sonate voor 2 Violen, gespeeld door Inguz Duo, is op video opgenomen en kunt u hieronder in twee delen bekijken en (vooral!) beluisteren.

1st Movement


2nd Movement




Juliya Belyanevich Live op Radio

Op zaterdag 30 juni a.s. worden gedeelten van het optreden met Sara D’Agostino, piano, en Camillo Cabassi, cello, live uitgezonden op De Concertzender. Dit is de eerste keer dat Julya met deze twee musici samen speelt, dus het wordt een spannende middag. We spelen Beethoven’s piano trio in D major “Ghost” en vervolgens het bekendste piano trio van Haydn “Gypsy” in G major.

Luister via internet of op de radio vanaf 13:30 uur.

Nog beter: Kom naar Gorinchem en geniet live van de optredens, om 13:30 in de Grote Kerk en om 14:30 in theater De Vijf Zinnen. De toegang tot het middagprogramma is gratis. Meer Informatie

Romantische vioolklanken in een klassiek middagconcert in Gouda

Op 26 mei as speelt het Inguz Duo, bestaande uit de violisten Juliya Belyanevich en Francisca Simonis, samen met de bekende Nederlandse pianist/componist Marc van Delft enkele bekende en minder bekende werken van o.a. Haydn, Prokofiev en Mozart in de Oud Katholieke Kerk in Gouda. Natuurlijk zullen ook werken van Marc van Delft worden gespeeld. Het programma bestaat uit een kleurrijke mix vol lenteklanken van werken van klassieke en hedendaagse componisten. Het concert is op 26 mei a.s. om 15:00 uur. Meer informatie en een link naar de kaartverkoop in de concertagenda: Concert Oud Katholieke Kerk