Exhibition ‘Dromen van bomen’ – (Dreams of the trees)


30th March 2019, Gorinchem, at 15:00 o’clock.

The opening of this new exhibition will take place in De Grote Kerk in Gorinchem.
Dromen van bomen exhibitie
This time the exhibition is dedicated to a very fragile and sensitive topic to many Dutch people which is trees and our environment.
This topic became a sensation and since 2018 has received many supporters who are striking for preserving nature and are against cutting trees.

Her Royal Highness Princess Irene of the Netherlands is the special guest at the opening of the exhibition. More over, Princess Irene is very well known for her activities for disarmament and for many works with nature and especially trees.

Inguz ensemble classical music artists
We as INGUZ-ensemble are very proud to be selected to play ‘Requiem for the Trees’ during the opening of the exhibition, as well as some other compositions and to be part of this very special event.
Do not miss this event!

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