Vioollessen / Violin Lessons


I offer lessons for students starting at the age of 4 years..
Every person of any age is welcomed.
Depending on each person’s individual needs and age, lessons may vary in duration and consequently in price.

The standard lesson duration is 45 minutes.

Lesson structure

Lesson structure of standard lesson of 45 minutes:
15 minutes – selective reviewing home task, reviewing the comfort and discomfort zones while performing, discovering reasons of discomfort.
10 minutes – working on removing discomfort zones and improving the perception.
25 minutes – new tasks, deliberately selected the set of new material with focuses on fixing recently acquired skills in order to get better understanding and mindful control.

The general scheme of lessons can be altered in regards of task and upon the needs and requests of the student.

Lessons for very young students

Based on common practice, for very young students, it makes sense to split the lessons of 45 minutes into two parts:
• The first part of 20 minutes lesson – general music literacy;
• Some body exercise in a playful form to restore child attention
• The remaining part of 20 minutes lesson – getting used to violin holding feeling, moving the left hand in vertical and horizontal position.


Dinsdag 14:00 tot 20:00 uur

Woensdag 14:00 tot 17:00 uur

Zaterdag 9:00 tot 12:00 uur

(onder voorbehoud van beschikbaarheid)



Prijs per losse les is € 45.

Pakket van 10 Lessen € 350.

Een volledig seizoen van 38 Lessen € 1050 ineens, of in 11 maandtermijnen van €  100.

Kinderen t/m 16 jaar:

Prijs per losse les is €  39,50.

Pakket van 10 Lessen €  305.

Een volledig seizoen van 38 Lessen € 925 ineens, of in 11 maandtermijnen van €  87,50.

Alle prijzen zijn incl BTW.

Gratis Kennismakingsles

Wilt u het een keer meemaken, dan kunt u de eerste les gratis en vrijblijvend boeken als proefles.