Master Class

The master-course is about the awareness of our greatest tools, which are our hands and how

to apply them effectively. It is about being skilful and having the knowledge.


Apart from the instrument capacity and the bow quality those technic of skilfulness of our

right and left hands affect the sound of our violin a lot!!!


During the master-course we will be practicing skills:

– graduated colours in P (piano as a music dynamic);

– warm touch of P (piano as a music dynamic);

– remain expressiveness while playing P (piano as a music dynamic);

– several ways to play f (forte as a music dynamic);

– how to frame jumping and springing strokes in high tempo and to remain the quality and the

depth of sound.


The music scores going to be used as a training material:

W.A. Mozart – concerto No.5 for violin

A. Dvorak – American Quartet

S. Bach – Sonatas and Partitas


Duration of one master-class is 1,5 hour (with a break of 10 minutes)

Price per master-class – €250

Discount €75- If you take Master-Course, which is a package of 3 lessons, you get 10% discount