New Concerts are planned!

Currently I represent the Violin Duet ¬†‘Inguz Duet’ (Francisca Simonis and Juliya Belyanevich).

‘INGUZ DUET” in 2018 going to face a demanding year with many searches over repertoire, discoveries over the possibilities and the market study for classical music. Despite the fact that we are young as a Duet, we already have a lot of ideas and concerts planed!

Program for 2018:

Recently I have been granted a chance to meet a Dutch composer, Marc van Delft, which inspired him to work together.

The first successful cooperation Inguz Duet and Marc van Delft  had at the classic festival Winterklanken in December 2017.

Since, together with Marc Van Delft, we have planed to organize a recital of Marc compositions. The concert is on 21 April, Den Haag.

In the forthcoming months I foresee the launch of other projects and expand my activities.

As well I anticipate the project for Piano Quintets with Sara D’Agustino and sextets of string instruments.

My vacation is to deliver accessible music as the art of developing personality, as the tool of human evolution, and the key of penetrating to a human-being.

With the greatest respect to every person in Gouda and beyond I intend to launch a classic music festival in Gouda in Summer 2018.

Negotiations are in progress and I will be happy to announce the pilot of the project.

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