Pieces Classique


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1. Ryszard Siwy – “Rhapsody for violin and cello” – Pastorale

Ryszard Siwy (1945-) Polish-Mexican composer and arranger. Born in Katowic (Poland) where he studied music and composition in Warsaw Conservatory. In 1979 Ryszard Siwy relocated to Mexico. In Mexico, he wrote theater, film, classical and entertainment music. His numerous arrangements cover many musical styles.
His music is written in Polish traditions and having a touch of Spanish folk. Unfortunately, his music compositions remain very little known in Europe.

2. E.R.J. van IJzerlooij “7 Planets Planetenzuilen” for cello.
 Moon Column, Solar Column, Mercury Column

Ephraim van IJzerlooij (1983 – ) is a cellist, composer and poem writer. Recently Ephraim has studied the 7 planetary columns of the 1st Goetheanum by the architect and founder of anthroposophy Rudolf Steiner. The current 2nd Goetheanum is a kind of memorial stone of the spiritually re-created 1st Goetheanum. These images of the planets and the dome architecture of the 1st Goetheanum became inspirational for his cello solo composition.

3. J.S. Bach – “Fantasia” BWV 919 for violin & cello (arr. E. van IJzerlooij)

Originally “Fantasia” is written for harpsicord.

4. J.S. Bach cello suite in G BWV 1007 for cello

Johann Sebastian Bach’s cello suites are a milestone in cello literature. The cello suites were most likely composed during the period 1717 and 1723, when he served Prince Leopold Anhalt as a Kapellmeister in Köthen.

5. Pieces Classique for Duo Opus 30 – Ephraim van IJzerlooi
6. Eugène-Auguste Ysaÿe – “Sonata for violin” Nr.2 A minor

Eugène-Auguste Ysaÿe (1858-1931) – Belgian violinist, composer and conductor. He was regarded as “King of the violin”.
Ysaÿe’s Sonata Nr.2 was written in 1923, is part of the album of 6 sonatas for violin solo. This album he wrote being inspired by Sonatas and Partitas for violin solo by J.S.Bach.
Ysaÿes’ Sonatas are certainly expression of deep appreciation and adoration not only toward J.S.Bach but also toward outstanding violinists of that time. The 2-d sonata he dedicated to French violinist Jacques Tibo, whose playing was striking with brilliant virtuosity, exactness and intelligence.. Sonata has 4 cycles: Prelude “Obsession “; 2-d “Malinconia; 3-d “Danse des ombres”4- th “LesFuries”
In this sonata Ysaÿe keeps a very strong bond with music of J.S.Bach and this connection is highlighted by direct citation. Sonata opens with citation of a few bars of Prelude from Partita Nr.3 by J.S.Bach.

7. Eva Mees-Christeller – Sonatine for violin and cello.

Eva Lotte Mees-Christeller was born in Berlin in 1925 and died in Zeist 2011. She studied violin with Georges Enescu and composition with Arthur Honegger in Paris. Beside she became successful with her art therapy and she set up a vocational training for it, called De Wervel. She sold her Stradivarius violin in 1968 and the earned money she used to build a house in Driebergen. There she founded her school of Art Therapy. Later, of course she bought another violin and it ‘sounded even better than the ‘Strad’’.
In her life she was always looking for beauty and truthfulness in everything.


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