The dream came true

The dream came true.

The idea to memorise String quartet No.8 by Shostakovich in some special way were growing in our mind gradually.
The Eights string quartet was performed by INGUZ-Quartet first time in 2018 and since we have kept reviewing it.


Dmitriy Shostakovich as an astonishing personality and composer

Dmitry Shostakovich was a pianist, a conductor and an astonishing composer.
The interest to Shostakovich personality and his musical heritage has been growing world wide. However, better understanding of his music and though the awareness of his unique personality comes to us later, as years go by and our maturity reaches the apogee, so philosophical his music is.

Not a surprise Shostakovich’s music took our minds entirely and hearts wholly. Later in 2019 INGUZ-Quartet took another work of him, the Piano Quintet, to perform at the classic music festival in the Netherlands.

And here we are in 2021 viewing retrospectively his most essential work, String Quartet No.8.

Shostakovich was very productive in genre of chamber music. He composed 15 String Quartets among which the Eights is most taking and captivating. It holds pain and grief, sadness and irony.


An alluring offer

Seems the personality of this unique composer appeals not only musicians, so perplexing his heritage is.

INGUZ-Quartet has been lucky to receive a generous offer and been sponsored by JBRDG record label and contacted EyeCatcher to film this remarkable piece from String Quartet No.8.

The dream has come true, and our thoughts of memorising this work seem to come true as well.

We decided to embrace this generous offer of filming and to make a promotional movie of INGUZ-Quartet with music of this outstanding work of Shostakovich, the String Quartet No.8.

The movie was shot on 23 April at “SS Rotterdam” by EyeCatcher (@eyecatcher,de filmmakers)


The upper deck promotional movie

The movie

The results of the movie are expected soon, and as an appetiser I can invite you to watch another promotional movie of SS Rotterdam on Vimeo produced by EyeCatcher.

See you soon with our promotional video on board of that striking 1950’s cruising vessel.


See you soon.
Stay healthy and content.


Sincerely Yours,

Juliya Belyanevich on behalf of INGUZ Artists


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