Beethoven’s “Harp” String Quartet No.10 – Audio Tape Recording

Sunday -


Beethoven's "Harp" perhaps the most genuine sonata form ever composed string quartet and the most devilish to play among the rest Beethovens' string quartets.

Ironically, but it is concealed and veiled by Razumovsky String Quartets compossed by Beethoven earlier and his later string quartets.

But why String Quartet No.10?

Perhaps it would be interesting to know our experience with this composition.

It has been a while since we had this score in our hands.

The first review of this work INGUZ-Quartet had already in 2019 and even performed once on a stage with the old setting, when Olsi Dhami used to be the cellist.

In 2020 Ephraim van IJzerlooij has replaced the cellist of the ensemble and we decided to give another go to this composition since it has been 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth.

Apparently, this music evolves many emotions and though many comments as well. The comments are different but very precious:

"There is much better music than this"

"Could not you find anything easier and what is often played?"

"It is demanding..."

"Oh, My God, it is so beautiful and obscure"

"Darkness and light"

"it is like Rembrandt's painting”

“why have you chosen this composition?”

“Beethoven is my favorite composer, and this quartet is like an obsession, I like playing it and listening it to”

‘I can not stop searching for the colours, for the better sound”

“I afraid I do need another violin”

“My mind can not settle, every day I feel like I want to improve some details: this note should have a longer tail, this one softer, and that one should be like a thunder”

Could be indeed the painting of Rembrandt. Indeed demanding, and yes beautiful and moody.

I remember one of the quartet’s member in agony after a few first rehearses asked me, -

”How possibly have you got to this idea of choosing exactly his string quartet?

It was a good question how I possibly got to this string quartet.



Very often I am thinking too much but this time it was different. It was the first impulse, which overruled any prejudices. Man would say, it is very womanlike. I would call it serendipity.

I remember one thing for sure, we decided to take Beethoven’s string quartet to play. There are 15 by Beethoven. Without making any pre-research on internet I went to a music shop to see what there is available. I remember as today, I was standing in “Broekmans & van Poppel” in Utrecht and had the first pile of Beethovens’ string quartets’ scores. I went quickly through a very few thick books of whole opuses, and after that these one, a thin set on 4 parts, with only two string quartets in. I opened the 1-st violin part, scanned the first few lines of the opening of the composition, played it in my head, after that I skimmed the rest pages of it and was happily convinced.

Some one will call it irrational, another – destiny.

But this is our story, our experience and our way, and today

we are happy with it and looking forward for the audio recording on 13th December 2020.


And the last
Be aware of yourself. Be aware of your destiny. And listen to the music waves of the ocean of harmony and love. And at the same time be aware of all the sufferings in the world.