“Overlooked” Beethoven & Borodin – INGUZ Strings Quartet

Friday -
Emile van Leenen Piano's en Vleugels

Borodin - String Quartet No.1 

Beethoven - String Quartet No.10

These two string quartets perhaps been chosen by INGUZ-Quartet purely accidentally to the concert program of 2020. But as a matter of fact these two compositions are overshadowed by following and preceding quartets of above mentioned composers.

Beethoven's Tenth String Quartet "Harp"

For its prevailing vitality, heart, invention and accessibility, it is almost tempted to call Beethoven's most "perfect" quartet.       For its long and dramatic introduction, it might be called Beethoven's own "Dissonance" quartet.


Borodin's First String Quartet

When Borodin began sketching out his 1st String Quartet in 1873, he wanted to produce something identifiably Russian rather then follow German traditions slavishly. However, still the composition takes a predominantly Classical (yes, German) form: 4 movements with Andante and Scherzo in the middle.

Borodin produced Russia’s first great piece of chamber music.

It was well received, prompting one critic to pronounce that Borodin had produced Russia’s first great piece of chamber music.


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