Pieces Classique Violin-Cello Concert – Cancelled !

Sunday -
Emile van Leenen Piano's en Vleugels

DUO-Concert ‘Pieces Classique’ from Bach to Ravel

At this concert you can listen to the wide range of compositions from Bach to Ravel written for Violin and Cello.

The great numbers of compositions included to this program are released in CD "Pieces Classique", 2020.

Next to that there are two new pieces of Ravel and Honegger added to the program of this concert. These selected parts were chosen especially to serve and create more philosophical depth and to emphasise the importance of freedom of expression. Totally free of any standarts and canons, these two sonatas outstanding their progenitor.

Above that, we like to keep a little "cadeau" for you.

All that is enough intriguing and we are looking forward to see you soon.

Make your Sunday different and indulge yourself on healing music.

Reservation, especially nowadays, is strictly advised. Make sure you order your card in time.
Reserve ticket via: Juliyabelyanevich@gmail.com with the subject reference: 15 November  or by podium: "Emile van Leenen Piano's en Vleugels"  0654354567.

15 November Duo-Concert violin cello